Hamina LNG-terminal is located at the port of Hamina. We are the only LNG-terminal in Finland which will be connected to the national gas grid. We are here for you and we are connected.

Hamina LNG-terminal is located in Southeastern Finland, at the port of Hamina (Baltic Sea).
Our logistic location provides excellent business opportunities.

Road transport (E-18)
 – 140 km Helsinki
 – 245 km St. Petersburg 

Sea transport
 – 17 km port of Kotka
 – 140 km port of Helsinki
 – 190 km port of St. Petersburg
 – 110 km port of Vysotsky
 – 180 km port of Tallinn

Railway transport

Our location at port of Hamina

Hamina Lng location

Our key figures:

0 m3
storage capacity
5,000 - 5000 m3
lng vessels
0 m3/d
truck loading capacity
0 MWh/d
injection capacity hp+lp
lng truck loading