About us

Hamina LNG Oy was established in 2015. We are responsible, reliable, cost-efficient and transparent.

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As a partner:
Close to Customer, Reliable, Enabler

As a social operator:
Safe, Responsible, Transparent


We want to be the most wanted partner towards greener future


Our actions and way of acting create opportunities and value to our partners


Project development was initiated by Hamina Energy Ltd in 2012. At the end of 2014 the project was granted with 27,7 m€ investment subsidy by Finnish state. Hamina LNG Oy was established in 2015 by Hamina Energy Ltd and Estonian energy company Alexela. Hamina LNG investment decision was made 22 June 2017. After that Wärtsilä was selected as a supplier of the terminal and became one of the owners. Construction work and area filling started in October 2017.
The groundbreaking ceremony of the LNG terminal was held in September 2018.


Hamina LNG Oy is a joint venture between Hamina Energy Ltd, Estonian energy company Alexela and Finnish technology company Wärtsilä.

Hamina Energy Ltd is a municipal energy distribution company, serving the Hamina region with supply of electricity, heat and gas and other services.

Alexela is a private company with extensive oil, petrochemicals and liquid gases experience from greenfield terminal projects in Estonia, Russia and Norway and is developing the Paldiski LNG regional terminal project.

Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the energy and marine markets.